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Complex Enterprise Custom Software + AWS Cloud

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Restructure existing software to improve security, performance, and stability


Upgrade aging software foundations for scalability, integration, and new technology


Innovative software expansion of features, user experience, and devices

Amazon Web Services

Achieve significant cost savings, improved security, and global scalability using the AWS Cloud

"Lighthouse Software led us through a solid replatforming architecture and merged with our team to build out the plan. A very successful partnership."

Susan, SVP
Wells Fargo


Does your application run slowly? Do feature updates take an incredibly long time to develop? Are you finding it difficult to scale or keep your application secure as your business grows? If your business utilizes a custom software application that is consistently problematic, it may be time for a refactor.

Analyze your application for processing bottlenecks and improve processing speed through streamlining and outsourcing.

Reduce development and test cycle time and improve consumer confidence by directly addressing problematic application areas.

Hacker-proof your systems by deploying enterprise-grade security updates that meet industry standards.

"We trust Lighthouse Software because they are passionate about secure development and have kept our customers safe and secure for years."

Jay, CEO
Point of Care Decision Support


Are your current applications working well, but built on obsolete technology? If your application codebases are monolithic, you may be unable to take advantage of cloud architecture or effectively implement corporate standards for security, compliance, or audit. If you find yourself questioning how to move forward, a replatforming effort may be in order.

Break up your massive application into independently deployable components to enable on-demand expansion.

New Technology
Upgrade your application to leverage new advancements in hardware and software technology.

Embed your governance model into new and existing custom applications by leveraging Lighthouse’s Voyage platform.

"Every other firm we contacted said what we wanted was impossible. Lighthouse Software did it. They built the impossible and they did it efficiently."

Deb, CIO


Is your legacy application performing well but beginning to show its age? Do your users describe your interface as “involved” rather than “intuitive”? Are you effectively engaging your customers through mobile device support and integrations with partner platforms? If you are falling behind in any of these areas, it’s time to consider modernization.

Fresh User Experience
Retain existing customer and attract new business by installing a compelling and intuitive user interface.

Mobile Device Support
Stay competitive by extending the capabilities of your functioning software to mobile, tablet, and wearable devices.

Leverage Integrations
Dissolve the limitations of your legacy application through enterprise integrations for Single Sign-On (SSO), third-party applications, and cloud-based services.

"Lighthouse Software said yes when everyone else said no, and they delivered!"

Paul, SVP
Ally Bank

AWS Migration

A sound strategy, a clear governance model, and an experienced execution team are required to migrate your enterprise organization to the AWS cloud. Whether you’re looking to migrate on-premise infrastructure, software, or data, Lighthouse Software can provide the training, guidance, and a tailored strategy to ensure a successful migration.

Lighthouse Software implements the Amazon recommended and prescriptive AWS Cloud Migration Strategy provided by AWS. For large enterprise-sized migrations, specifically for State or Local Government, Lighthouse Software will partner directly with AWS to lead the migration and optimization efforts.

AWS Optimization

Optimization of your migrated applications and workloads provides the opportunity for continuous service improvement and allows you to realize the true value of utility computing. Lighthouse Software is a complex enterprise custom software provider with extensive expertise in optimizing software for the AWS Cloud to achieve huge cost savings. Lighthouse Software implements the AWS Cost Optimization strategies outlined by AWS and will provide expert advice on the best approach to achieve a high return on an AWS Migration investment.

Optimization Services:

  • Right size your services - only use what you need without over provisioning
  • Reserve resources - reserve resources in bulk to gain an extra discount
  • Elasticity - scale services up or down based on real-time demand
  • Monitoring - track resources, visualize usage, and manage costs
  • Cloud Compatible Software - adapt existing custom software to partially integrate with AWS cloud services
  • Native AWS Replatforming - update a custom software application to natively operate on the AWS Cloud


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